1AVCapture 3.2

Capture video, audio and snapshots from a variety of sources

1AVCapture can help you grab images, sound, and video from various sources. Thus, it supports various capturing profiles that allow taking snapshots from the computer screen or the webcam, recording audio from a microphone or directly from the sound card as well as capturing video from the screen or the webcam. Moreover, you can use combinations of the profiles above or create your own. It is great that it can readily record audio from the stereo mixer and directly from the screen, which means that it can be used to record video is displayed on a webpage that cannot be downloaded in any other way.

The program’s interface is not very difficult to use, but it could still be made easier. For example, the idea of creating capturing profiles is not very evident, and some users may simply miss it. Likewise, the possibility of switching between profiles without needing to go back to the Quick Start wizard is not quite obvious either. However, it does come with well-structured help documentation, a video tutorial, and some wizards. As a result, it will not take too long until you can feel comfortable working with it.

Unlike other similar tools, 1AVCapture does not support many output formats. It can export video as WMV, AVI, and MP4. Similarly, it allows WAV and WMA for sound and only JPG for images. The resulting files can be shared with others by uploading them to an FTP server as well as various social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

All in all, 1AVCapture is quite convenient as it allows recording from multiple combinations of sources. However, it does have some inconveniences. Somehow, its main windows flicker and take a while to refresh when I switch between recording profiles. The product can be evaluated for a limited period of time, but it seems exaggerated that you also need to endure its nag screen and wait a few seconds before you can use it or even abandon it. Finally, I must say that it belongs to a family of programs, of which 1AVCenter is the flagship.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Supports multiple recording sources
  • Can record audio directly from the sound card
  • Allows creating capturing profiles
  • Uploads results to FTP and social networks


  • Does not support many output formats
  • Some aspects of the interface may be confusing
  • Trial version with nag screens
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